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Beast Build Trucks

Beast Custom Works is proud of its unique and custom truck conversions and customizations. The current prices, devaluation, and maintenance of new diesel trucks limits availability and practicality of having the dream vehicle. We have changed that.

We design custom builds for tow vehicles or daily drivers. These trucks are built to reliably haul 80,000 pounds 850 miles a day. This allows for more power than you would ever need to pull your RV, horse trailer, or boat. Each and every Beast Build is a one of a kind design brought to reality by your dreams and our team. We do not mass produce trucks, so every customer can have a unique and custom Beast on the road.

Kenworth Pickup Conversion

We are happy to collaborate and discuss ideas throughout every step of the process from designing to details. Most design, fabrication, electrical, and mechanical work is done in-house. We also work with incredible suppliers on paint and bodywork to get that perfect look for your Beast.

Contact us today to discuss the options to build a Beast of your own.